Summer 2016: the Blue Flag will wave on the beaches and the tourist port of Agropoli Agropoli confirms for the 2016 summer its Blue Flags for beaches and marinas. He was held this morning in Rome, at the headquarters of the CNR - National Research Centre for the traditional scope ceremony recognition by the FEE Italy. The blue flag will wave during the bathing season on the coast agropolese (Trentova and ... Continua a leggere

The new "ratio of CNA National Production Research on Dynamics and Prospects of the Italian Market Chain of Pleasure Boat" is a tool for understanding the sector and for the orientation of companies and institutions in the definition of future strategies. The CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprise) National Production, pleased with the growing interest that is intended for this processing effort, now offers all the ... Continua a leggere

The tax on boats Possession was reintroduced by the government Mountains and immediately appeared very punitive for the sector, both for the large sums, and because, among other things, did not take into account the age of the vessels and especially for those of small size its incidence was particularly high compared to the actual market value. After a long battle UCINA had managed to limit the damage being ... Continua a leggere

Signa Maris is a project of the Ministry of cultural heritage, activities and tourism (MiBACT) - Board of Intermediate POIn "cultural and natural attractions for tourism" which promotes the cultural riches, nature and flavors of the Italian territory through the creation of a new tourism system that combines and integrates land and sea. Signa Maris created for tourists who land in the Southern Italian ports belonging to the network, a ... Continua a leggere

At the Port of Agropoli, at the services building of the marine is available "Zero99" , the electric vehicle, made in Cilento, supplied to the pontoons personnel and civil protection, available as a service from trasfert parking areas, to make the galley and other services to and from the port. The little car will serve to to support the yachtsman who once landed may be accompanied ... Continua a leggere

The realization of web site goes in the direction of creating a single reference for the communication of the port realities of Agropoli and all the activities in it operating. The aim is to facilitate access to the use of port services and increasing the attractiveness of the port with the creation of 'destionation brand Blue Coast - Port of Agropoli, in the Cilento your port' in order ... Continua a leggere

Active services at the port of Agropoli will soon be on a web platform that aims to "become the main reference for the web communication of the port of Agropoli to bring together in a single project the communication activities of companies operating in the port: municipality of Agropoli, coast guard, privately owned moorings, associations, entrepreneurial activities. "The platform will allow users to quickly access a variety of news ... Continua a leggere


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