COSTA BLU of CILENTO is the destination brand that uniquely identifies the Cilento beach resorts, among the most awarded every year with the banner “Blue Flag” assigned by Italy Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education). It is synergistic understanding of environmentally sustainable development and tourism development aimed at the Cilento coastal municipalities Blue Flag awarded for the creation of a system of activities that suggest what purpose the protection and enhancement of environmental and cultural heritage of the coastal territory Cilento, recognized World Heritage Site, which includes the marine protected Areas of Santa Maria di Castellabate, Infreschi Coast and Asseta. Among the objectives of the agreement between the mayors of the municipalities concerned: the use of the name “Blue Coast Cilento” of all the tourist and corporate communication tools, joint actions for environmental protection, tourism promotion activities.

The municipalities covered by the Blue Coast of Cilento project are:
Agropoli, Camerota, Capaccio Castellabate, Montecorice, Casal Velino, Ascea, Pisciotta, Centola-Palinuro, San Giovanni a Piro, San Mauro Cilento, Santa Marina, Vibonati, Sapri.



    Blue Flag program

    The Blue Flag is an international award, established in 1987 the European Environment Year, which is awarded every year in 49 countries, initially only in Europe, non-European, more recently, with the support and participation of the two UN agencies: UNEP (United Nations program for the environment) and UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) with which the FEE has signed a global partnership Protocol and recognized by UNESCO as a world leader in environmental education and education for sustainable development . Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded to seaside resorts that meet criteria relating to sustainable land management. main objective of this program is to address the local management policy of several coastal resorts, towards an environmental sustainability process.
    Campania beaches Blue Flag 2017
    Campania ports Blue Flag 2017
    Campania beaches Blue Flag 2016
    Campania ports Blue Flag 2016
    Campania beaches Blue Flag 2015
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    Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism

    Tourist District Cilento Blue

    Decree - Establishment of the Tourist District Cilento Blue - January 17, 2014 (GU Serie Generale n.103 del 6-5-2014)

    Protected Marine Areas

    Protected Marine Area Castellabate
    Protected Marine Area Costa degli Infreschi e della Masseta
    Map Protected Marine Areas Campania
    Map Protected Marine Areas Castellabate
    Map Protected Marine Areas Costa degli Infreschi