Active services at the port of Agropoli will soon be on a web platform that aims to “become the main reference for the web communication of the port of Agropoli to bring together in a single project the communication activities of companies operating in the port: municipality of Agropoli, coast guard, privately owned moorings, associations, entrepreneurial activities. “The platform will allow users to quickly access a variety of news related to services such as, for example, the moorings, planning, wharves equipped, the mooring assistance, wi-fi, security, the crane, the ‘hauling and launching, transportation and mechanical assistance, the market valuation of vessels, refuel, the bar service, the diving and more service. The measure, proposed by the Councillor port, Massimo La Porta, states that “for the recognition of blue flag of landings for the year 2016 it must set appropriate targets, as requested by the questionnaire of the Fee Italy for the candidacy of the city of Agropoli “and that ” the city administration intends to propose, among other objectives, the creation of the new web platform of the Port of Agropoli”